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Ready or Not #67: Fire and Destruction

I don’t even have to turn on the news any more to know that there are a lot of people that have lost friends, family, houses and more because of all of the different fires that periodically rage through our state.  People have had to leave their homes and in some cases leave everything they own behind.  They will come back to a lot of smoke damage and in some cases, loss of property.

Our Ready or Not #67: Fire and Destruction talks about this situation and encourages you to get prepared!

Update About Not Making Soap

My friend read article #184 about NOT making laundry soap and she called and said, “Dawn what is wrong with you? You tell us about this nifty little washing device and then you don’t tell us where to get one? What is wrong with you?”

Sorry, my fault. It would have been helpful if I had given you the name of the washer (it makes it much easier to Google that way).

The hand operated clothes washer that I highlighted, the plastic blue one, is called “Mobile Washer”. I checked it out on-line and there are a BUNCH of distributors and the prices are as varied as the vendors. I would suggest that you check them out and then make a decision as to the best option for you.

The friend who called wants to give one of these to each of her kids for Christmas. What a wonderful idea! She’s a thinker!

You can watch a demonstration of the Mobile Washer at work at:

And, here’s a link to our original article Ready or Not #184: Making Laundry Soap – Not!

Sign-Up for Community Education Classes

For all of you out there who put, *1. Build family food storage* on your list of New Year’s resolutions this year, we are here to help you, literally – and in person! Connie McVey and Dawn Van Nosdol will be teaching adult education classes on food storage and preparedness in Springville, Utah for two weeks starting September 22 and we will be in Salem, Utah for two weeks starting October 20. It is food storage on a whole new level!

Stop changing your family’s diet to conform to somebody else’s idea of what you should have in your food storage! Instead, come learn how to build your food storage around what your family likes to eat.

Learn more about the classes and sign up at If you have additional questions about the class or how to sign up, call Gwen at (801) 354-7418.

Ready or Not #184: Making Laundry Soap – Not!

I’ve been getting e-mails and reading blogs that give the recipes for laundry soap and dishwasher soap. Hmmm. I’m thinking why do I want to make my own laundry soap? (Unless of course it is for medical reasons) Or even dishwasher soap? The senders of these e-mails and the blog writers suggest that you do this so that you can be prepared in an emergency. But in order to make these items you still have to store the ingredients – and then take the time to make them. Why? Why are we trying so hard to make being prepared so hard and so scary? And so labor intensive?

So, if you want an excellent, easy solution read our Ready or Not #184: Making Laundry Soap – Not! And don’t feel guilty if you aren’t slaving away over a hot stove making laundry and hand soap!