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Preparedness Links

We have gathered a few links to various resources that can help get you prepared in all different types of emergencies.  You can get to that page by clicking on the Preparedness Links in the navigation on the left-hand side of our site.

If you have found other links that you think are good, please share them with us.  You can e-mail them to dawn at a prepared home dot com.

Ready or Not #172: Substitute Beans for Oil

Everybody knows (and expects) to see beans in chili, or refried beans in a Mexican dish, or garbanzo beans in a three bean salad.  Right?  Right.

But black beans in brownies?  Wouldn’t that cause a family mutiny?

Read our Ready or Not #172 Substitute Beans for Oil to learn how you can substitute mashed beans in the place of cooking oil or shortening — without your family realizing it!  This substitution is far healthier than using oil and shortening — and maybe you won’t stress out about eating a couple of brownies for supper.