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Adult Education Class Now Available

For all of you out there putting, “1. Build family food storage” on your list of New Years resolutions this year, I am here to help you, literally – and in person!  Connie McVey and I are going to be teaching adult education classes on food storage in February; it will be food storage on a whole new level!  Stop changing your family’s diet to conform to somebody else’s idea of what you should have in your food storage! Instead, build your food storage around what your family likes to eat.

Connie and I will teach you new ways to look at, revamp and build your own tailor-made food storage inexpensively. We will teach you how to use our FREE on-line food storage building program with worksheets, available at, to determine what, and how much, you really need. This class will be held twice a week for two weeks at Salem Hills High School (Feb. 3,4, 10, 11) and again at Springville High School (Feb. 17, 18, 24, 25).  We will also be giving tips on how to store and where to store your extra food and tips on water storage with plans to build your own water filtration system.  To sign up go to: or call (801) 354-7418.  See you there!