Monthly Archives: December 2009

Ready or Not #36: The Wonders of Chocolate

I have always felt, deep in my heart, that chocolate is good for you.  And during the holiday season, there are ample opportunities to consume chocolate:  gooey chocolate cakes, delectable chocolate cookies, to-die-for chocolate candy.  Yum!

Read our Ready or Not #36: The Wonders of Chocolate to learn just how good chocolate is for you.  Hopefully, it will relieve some of the guilt you might be feeling about what you are eating at this time of year!

Ready or Not #87: Toilet Seats

I just love how some of you are really getting into the Christmas spirit of giving preparedness gifts.  My friend was telling me that one of the gifts that she is giving her kids for Christmas is a toilet seat!  No kidding!  Not just a regular, run-of-the-mill toilet seat, but those really neat preparedness toilet seats that fit on the plastic five gallon buckets.  I would bet that you could give that gift to most people and it would be something that they didn’t already have.  Brilliant!  I just love that woman – she inspires me.

Read all about it in our Ready or Not #87: Toilet Seats article.

Ready or Not #164: Insurance and Medical Care

There has been a lot of talk about health care reform and insurance lately.  This isn’t a political narrative, but you will discover some of my political feelings in this article.  I have lived without insurance, I have lived under socialized medicine and I am now experiencing the blessings of being protected by insurance.

Our article Ready or Not #164: Insurance and Medical Care has great ideas on how to minimize medical expenses.