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Ready or Not #45: Back to School

Many of you are gearing up to send your children back to school.  I’m not!  This is a new experience for me — one that I’m managing quite well, thank you very much!  However, when children go off to public school, college, or jobs, they still need a preparedness kit.  Read our Ready or Not #45:  Back to School article to learn what to put in a back to school preparedness kit.

(NOTE: As you might have noticed, the numbering of these Ready or Not articles are not sequentially in order. Well, they really are. Sort of. The current ones numbering in the forties are new articles. The ones numbering in the twenties, are articles that I have written for a local newspaper. We are slowly getting those older ones posted to the site. There are about 10 more to go and they will all be up and everything will be in proper numerical order. Hopefully . . . )

Ready or Not #27: CERT (Part One)

Have you ever heard of CERT? No, not the candy breath mints, but the volunteer emergency team. A lot of people get involved in our communities in a variety of ways. As a matter of fact, I sometimes think that our cities and towns would probably have to shut down a good share of their services if it weren’t for those that volunteer their precious time to make our communities a better place to live.  Read our Ready or Not #27: CERT (Part One) article to learn more.